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Banana Pi BPI-UNO32 for Arduino board with ESP32

ESP32 with  Xtensa 32bit LX6 single/dual-core processor
2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
support Arduino
    The BPI:UNO32 (also referred to as BPI-UNO32, stylised as BPI UNO32) is an ESP32 with Xtensa 32bit LX6 single/dual-core processor based embedded system. support Webduino ,arduino,microPython,Scratch.x function.

    BPI-UNO32 uses the ESP-WROOM-32 of espressif company as MCU. ESP32 is a single-chip solution integrating 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual mode. The 40 nanometer technology of TSMC has the best power consumption, RF performance, stability, versatility and reliability. It can deal with various application scenarios.

    Two separate controlled CPU cores, the main frequency can be up to 240MHz, 448KB ROM, 520KB SRAM.

    BPI-UNO32 The appearance size is fully matched with Arduino UNO R3

    Hardware inerface:

    Hardware spec:

    BPI-UNO32 Hardware spec
    CPU Xtensa® 32-bitLX6single / dual core processor
    ROM 448KB
    SRAM 520KB
    Flash 4MB(Onboard),A maximum of 4 Flash/SRAM, each Flash maximum 16MB
    Power 5V@1AmicroUSBpoweror 5.5mm 12VDCport
    GPIO 12-bits SAR ADC 18 channel, 2*8-bit D/A converter, 4*SPI, 2*I2S, 2*I2C, 3*UART, Host SD/eMMC/SDIO, Slave SDIO/SPI
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/e/i 802.11 n(2.4GHz 150Mbps) 802.11 e(Quality of Service)
    Bluetooth BT4.2 & BLE
    Buzzer Passive buzzer
    LEDs RGB LED/POWER LED/Receive LED/Transmit LED
    Sizes 68mm*53mm
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