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Banana Pi helium HNT mining machine design with Rockchip RK3566 + Lora module

Time:2022-02-16 Views:2891

Decentralized Wireless Network Helium has been trying to build a scalable network infrastructure on a global scale since its inception in 2013

With the hot blockchain technology in recent years and the corresponding mining is respected by the market. New economic models with incentives from blockchain have also attracted many miners. With the new economic model of blockchain incentives, Helium Network also creates an unlimited infrastructure based on connecting small iot devices to the Internet. Thus, an economic model of mining, coin production and application by operators, miners and users is constructed.

Network of New economic models as a new blockchain incentive mechanism. Helium network mining has the following advantages:

1, HNT mining equipment is light, low requirements for the environment, the construction of the network is not affected by the surrounding environment, at home, office can start mining.

With the innovative proof-of-work model PoC, the Helium Hotspot provides wireless network coverage to millions of LongFi devices around you, resulting in miners receiving HNT awards.

3. Because the Helium hotspot is small and light, similar to a household router, it consumes very low energy and saves the cost of network miners.

4, almost no follow-up equipment maintenance costs.

5. Simple operation, as long as the recognized mining machine synchronizes the location of the block, it can be very convenient to join the network for mining. No tedious mining machine setup.

As can be seen from the above, the advantages of Helium network mining are obvious compared with the high cost and tedious maintenance of traditional BTC mining. I believe that driven by technology, it will certainly move a vast mining blue sea in the near future.

Currently, many Helium network mining machines on the market use raspberry Pi as the control board. After in-depth research, The Banana Pi team adopts Rockchip 3566 as the main control and LoRA wireless communication module on the board. The complete solution of Helium mining machine comes out.

The hardware design completely supports all functions of Helium network mining machine, which can be easily customized into various forms of Helium network mining machine

we also begin to use RK3308 for low cost design, any good idea , discuss on  BPI forum

if you want do a Helium network mining machine, please contact :